Thursday, June 28, 2012

Publicly Traded Firearms and Ammuntion Companies

Doing a little reseach, I've put together a list of publicly traded companies in the firearms business.  Many major manurfacturers and most ammo manufactureres are private companies (and closed to nosey public inspections).
The stock ticker symbols are:
SWHC - Smith & Wesson; TASR- Taser International; MTSX -  Metal Storm Ltd; GD - General Dynamics; OLN - Olin Manufacturing; ATK - Allient Techsystems; RGR - Ruge
I've set up a "Watch List" to check the progress of these companies.  Today, not so good. #Preppers and survivors should be interested in these stocks.  On a seperate note, I also have a "Watch List" of major Defense company stocks...they are down as well!

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Bentnwasted said...

Friday...stocks up an average of 5%!