Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Animals and Shelters: Nuclear Disaster to Armageddon!

What is the most important thing owners can do to protect their animals in a Nuclear Disaster?
  • Plan ahead. Animal owners should make plans in advance with friends, relatives, or shelters for housing their pets in a disaster. This will be helpful for a nuclear accident or any natural disaster.
  • Animal owners should be encouraged to purchase pet carriers.
  • Owners can use regular veterinary check-ups to practice evacuation plans from their homes.
  • Owners should have copies of their pet’s health records, including rabies vaccination.
  • Owners should have their pets micro-chipped for easy identification in an emergency.
What is KI treatment and what does it do?
  • Potassium iodide (KI) is a salt of iodine. It is one of several ingredients that can be added to tale salt to make it iodized.
  • KI has also been approved by the FDA as a nonprescription drug for use as a “blocking agent” to prevent the human thyroid gland from absorbing radioactive iodine.
  • December 10, 2001 the Food and Drug Administration issued Guidance: Potassium Iodide as a Thyroid Blocking Agent in Radiation Emergencies for use of KI in humans during a radiological emergency. There is no such national guidance for use of KI in animals available.
  • KI has a wide margin of safety, however like all medications, KI can be toxic if dosed incorrectly. Documented side effects include vomiting, drooling, runny eyes, rash, collapse and death. KI should not be used in animals with a known allergy to iodine. Suggested dose guidelines are listed below.
  • KI is a medication that can be given to humans and animals.
  • KI may not provide people or animals with 100% protection against all radioactive iodine.
  • The effectiveness of KI as a thyroid blocking agent is greatest if administered before the time of exposure to radioactive iodine, but some exposure saving can be obtained by administration shortly after exposure.
Should pets be given KI for radiological emergencies?
There are no guidelines for administration of KI for pets during an emergency. However, your clients may ask you to give KI to their pets if they have received it Potassium Iodide (KI) Treatment forAnimals Following a Nuclear Disaster because of a radiological exposure. Administration of KI should be determined by you with the owner. The following information is provided to assist you with that decision. This information is provided as guidance and recommendations only.
  • KI lessens the damage to the thyroid from radioactive iodine only. KI does not protect against other harmful radioactive rays released during a nuclear disaster.
  • Radiation is most harmful to young, actively growing animals.
  • KI must be given before or within 4 hours of exposure to be effective.
  • KI is an over-the-counter medication and you may want to stock it if there is demand in your area or special order it for the owner.
  • Do not give KI to your pet if it is sensitive to iodine.
  • Consider the age of the animal. Young animals have the highest risk of health problems from radioactive iodine and radioactive iodine causes long-term potential for thyroid cancer. Therefore, if the animal is elderly there is little chance the animal will get thyroid cancer in its lifetime (one estimate for humans was about 4 years) and elderly pets may have more problems with side effects from the KI.
Note: If a pet has been left on the property during an exposure and the owner is unable to retrieve it before 4 hours then KI will not be effective. If the pet is evacuated with the owner prior to exposure to radiation, there is no need for KI. It is our recommendation that KI only be considered for the pet if the owner has received it and the pet is with the owner.
Where can veterinarians find information regarding dosing and efficacy of KI?
Journal articles on the subject include:
  • Use of radioiodine urinalysis for effective thyroid blocking in the first few hours post exposure - Health Phys 1999 Jan;76(1):11-6
  • Potassium iodate and its comparison to potassium iodide as a blocker of 131I uptake by the thyroid in rats - Health Phys 1993 Nov;65(5):545-9
    • Reference the abstracts on page 3 of this document
    • KI comes in 130 mg and 65 mg bottles. Pro-KI™ 65 mg recommends the following dosages for pets (www.aaoobfoods.com/NBC.htm):
      • Large dogs: 1.0-2.0 tablets per day
      • Medium dogs: 0.5-1.0 tablets per day
      • Cats and small dogs: 0.25-0.5 tablet per day
Where can I get further information?
    • Contact your veterinarian with questions relating to KI and your pets.
    • www.nukepills.com has information about KI pills.
    • Mississippi Board of Animal Health (1-888-722-3106; www.mbah.state.ms.us)

Make a Pet Disaster Supply Kit

Your pet depends on you for care after a disaster. The following are items you should place in a pet disaster supply kit. Prepare your kit before a disaster occurs.
Pet Emergency Supplies
  • Sturdy crate as a pet carrier
  • Identification tag containing accurate, up-to-date information
  • A sturdy leash
  • Food and water for at least three days
  • Non-spill bowl
  • Portable litter box and litter
  • Large plastic bags for cat litter disposal and dog clean up
  • Prescriptions and special medications
  • Manual can opener
  • A copy of your pet's veterinary records
  • Recent photo of your pet
  • Blankets
  • Paper towels
  • Phone number of the local emergency veterinary clinic
  • Phone number of your local and county animal shelter
Pet First Aid
  • Large and small bandages
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Q-tips
  • Antibiotic ointment
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Elastic tape
  • Eye wash (saline)
  • Ear cleaning solutions
  • K-Y jelly

    Friday, February 24, 2012

    Kids in A Survival Shelter

    The point of this entire Blog is to provide information, not only to my grown children & grandchildren, but for other parents and grandparents who may be faced with children in a shelter situation.

    Many will have to "shelter in place" , some will have elaborate, remote, well equipped bunkers....most will be somewhere in between.  Like a "snow day" it's better to have children occupied in constructive play than running amok!

    Those who home school will have most of these suggested supplies on hand, budget conscious can find them at a "$1 Store" or an Education supply store such as "The Learning Castle" or online.   I'd suggest as many activities as possible that do not use electricity or batteries, unless you have an electrical source or a charger. (strongly suggested).

    • coloring books & crayons
    • board games
    • blank paper and pencils (pencil sharpener)
    • flash cards
    • books and story books appropriate for age
    • misc. art supplies like colored paper & paste, glue sticks
    • scissors
    • tape
    • pink erasers
    • unscented markers
    • ruler
    • stapler
    • kid sized furniture or bean bag chairs
    • school desk, table or a lap desk
    • etch-a-sketch

    If your shelter has space and you've had the budget to plan ahead...children should have their own space or area with play equipment or structures just for them.  The main point of all this is to keep kids from panic...keeping them occupied and having a "in school" experience will help.  Depending on the disaster, it may be their future for some time.

    Lets talk food.  Along with items to keep little minds busy, diet will also be important.  Stock kid's favorite foods and snacks...ones that are healthy and require minimal preparation would be best.  Power bars, fruit roll-ups, cereals (use powdered milk), trail mix, etc.  Long shelf life is important, but as every parent knows, taste is a major issue!  Don't forget a good children's vitamin supplement, and any special medications your child may require.  If never needed for a disaster, items can be rotated every so often, as required.

    Thursday, February 23, 2012

    "The Warning"

    The Warning

    I have often Blogged about 2012, The End Times, The Apocalypse, The Return of The Feathered Serpent, The Change, Earth Shift, etc. It is something I believe in, and like to warn people about, if only to have them think about the possibility that it may happen.

    Today’s Headlines include vast forest fires in Russia, floods and landslides in Pakistan, India, and China, shortages of wheat and rice in the near future, and record heat waves throughout the world are only part of the warning signs that the majority of people have ignored so far.

    The ancient civilizations that existed before the last ice age, and the science created by the Aztecs, Mayans, Egyptians and other more recent civilizations have all predicted the current climate with relative mathematical precision. Star and planetary alignments in 2012 are a fact. However, to get people’s attention, perhaps a more significant warning may be necessary.

    Many predictions of the last days involve a comet or asteroid. An impact by a one-mile in diameter iron/nickel rock in the ocean would perhaps get every one’s attention. A comet that appears very bright and perhaps “green” in color may also come to pass. These signs herald the end time’s folks. Pay attention.

    “What can I do to prevent this?”, you may ask. Nothing, but you can prepare. You have life insurance, car insurance, etc. Why not be prepared for these calamities? As the time approaches, get out of major cities, away from any seacoast, earthquake faults, dormant volcanoes, etc. Get a “72 Hr Kit” for each person in your family. You’ve had since Y2K to do this. I’ve had one since then. Supplies will get short and more expensive as the clock strikes down. Did you try to buy batteries on December 31, 1999? There weren’t any!

    I suggest that these “obvious” warnings would occur during the last quarter of 2010 and again in 2011. The degrees of disaster will increase until the winter solstice of 2012 (12-21-12).

    Hello out there? Are you paying attention? 

    "The Warning" and the Calendar

    A few years back I made the film, "The Warning", after thinking that the dates of 10-10-10 and 11-11-11 may be significant in regards to the End Days date of 12-21-12, which signifies the end of the Myan Calendar or as some believe, the End of Time.

    The other night I realized that Western Civilisation has messed with Calendars since the Mayan timeline was made.  The Gregorian Calendar and the Julian Calendar are not the same.  There is 10-13 days difference between the dates of the two calendars.

    So the possibly significant date of 10-10-10 and 11-11-11  could be in a 13 day range.  Hence the Cholera outbreak in Haiti, tsunami-earthquake-volcanic eruption, massive Midwest storms, etc could fall within this range.  In effect, "The Warning" may still be valid,  Perhaps everyone should take another look!  This also applies to the Mayan end date of 12-21-12!


    Monday, February 20, 2012

    Survival Gear Alert

    Looking for survival or camping gear, backpacks, sleeping bags, etc.? Buyer beware...almost 100% are made in China, regardless of Brand name. I've looked at Marmot, REI, and other name brands just today!

    My advice: rather than going by fancy brands & high corresponding prices... look at quality, how well it's made, & materials.

    Often, a less familiar brand, purchased on line or at a discounter, can be equal to a major brand at a lower cost....and rest assured, it will still be made in China!

    Friday, February 17, 2012

    Are You Paying Attention?

    I wonder if anyone, besides me, has noticed it yet; the increase in active volcano’s, earthquakes, tornados, flash floods, weather changes, disasters, killings; the number of anti-depressant ads on TV and in magazines, some very grim. Have you noticed?

    If you have noticed, do you think it strange or alarming that these “events” are more frequent? Have you heard about 2012, read the “Book of Revelations”, or know of the hundreds of other “End Time” prophecies in most cultures? Are you concerned of the possible connection, or will you ignore it all as mere “coincidence”?

    They say ignorance is bliss, perhaps it could be death!

    2012 End of World - Safest Places to Hide

    by Brian Fieldstone

    Where are you going to go when the 2012 end of world doomsday, unfortunately, comes to fruition? Where will you be hiding? How are you going to determine the best places that can provide shelter for you, in the face of volcanoes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other deadly catastrophes? Have you ever thought of that? If you haven't, then by 2012 you'll most probably be dead. But don't worry! This article contains the five safe places you can go to just in case the world turns crazy and spins out of control.

    The 2012 end of world doomsday is only three years away and panic has ensued in most areas worldwide. Many fear that it will be the end. If the environmental prophecies come true there are some "safe havens" that could remain intact during the havoc.

    5th Safest Place on the Planet: The Himalayas

    The obvious reason for this is that it is the highest location on Earth, so any threat of tsunami or volcanic activity is instantly shut down. However, there is one, itsy bitsy tiny catch: how to get there. Only the best of veteran mountain climbers have ever gotten the chance to step on top of the entire world, and many people died climbing Mount Everest, so our chances of even surviving just traveling to this survival location is very little. This could have been easily the top safest place on the planet if not for the accessibility issue.

    4th Safest Place on the Planet: China

    China as a nation is well high above sea level, has more than ample resources and manpower to build many survival bunkers, and isn't prone to seismic or volcanic activity. Some of China is also landlocked, which means very little chance for water-related catastrophes to occur. Of course, we're talking about 2012 end of world doomsday here, a lot of things can happen, but on a theoretical level, China is one of the safest countries to live in on Earth should it be destroyed.

    3rd Safest Place on the Planet: Sierra Nevada

    Europe on 2012 is a very miserable place: it will sink in water, has extensive nuclear facilities that could blow off together, and has very many volcanoes, a few with the most destructive effects ever. Sierra Nevada, a southern mountain range known for its skiing sites, is a paradise for those seeking apocalyptic safety in Europe. It has high peaks, reachable by road, and can provide for adequate shelter and materials for comfortable living amidst the catastrophes abound. Unfortunately, the higher areas are either popular ski resorts or government-owned property, and most of these lands are very expensive to acquire. But it is still a viable place to live in for those who are in Europe and is preparing for the 2012 end of world doomsday.

    2nd Safest Place on the Planet: Arizona, USA

    Yep, you read that right. Many people think that USA is going to be totally obliterated come December 21, 2012, but the thing is the country's position has been diagnosed collectively, not state-to-state. Arizona, in this regard, is considered the safest place in the USA for an apocalypse. Arizona contains many highlands, which will be the safest place should a pole shift occur, and add to that the fact that it's in America, a country that will be looked upon for help by other countries.


    Nobody can ever question this penultimate truth. Africa has been, and is still is, the safest place on the planet. It is the most stable continent, unchanged for millions of years, and it has shifted very little compared to the other continents. Africa has the least number of fault lines and has a negligible volcano count. Though not every place in Africa is conducive for survival, all you need to find are African plains with altitudes 2,300 meters above sea level to be assured of safety.

    Geographically, Africa may very well be paradise here on Earth. The biggest drawback is that Africa as a continent is immensely underdeveloped. It has poor infrastructure, has inadequate means of transportation and is home to fatal diseases such as leprosy, malaria and cholera. If someone wants to prepare Africa for the 2012 end of world events, he couldn't do so in time. Add to that the pressure of current political instability in some disputing nations; the viability of Africa becomes lower. But just as it is, if people unite to truly conquer 2012 and set aside differences and prejudices, Africa can become the very cradle of a new civilization that is destined to grow after the whole world suffers the damages of the 2012 end of world Armageddon.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Brian_Fieldstone