Thursday, July 26, 2012

Publicly Traded Firearm & Ammo Stocks Rise!

Stocks listed in a previous post on Firearm related stocks, continue to rise, in response to the Aurora, Colorado tragedy and fear on the UN Treaty!  Average is +1.00%


Gun and ammo related publicly traded stocks up an average of 2.1% today....Metal Storm up 38%!

Monday, July 2, 2012

What if You Have to Bug Out on Foot?

I don't drive, nor have a car.  I live in a 184 Sq Mile city, Portland, OR.  Public transportation, if it runs can take me 20 miles East.  My safe zone is on the East side of the Cascade Mountains at least 150 miles away!  If an EMP or huge natural disaster hits this area, infrastructure is destroyed, public transportation, even cars, may not work.  How do you Bug Out?

I walk everyday about 3-5 miles, without gear.  At any pace, it would take days to walk 150 miles!  In the covered wagon era, they averaged 28 miles per day...that's 6 days to evacuate Portland!  If you had a mountain bike and it wasn't winter, you could probably cut that in half...but it's mostly uphill.

The more obvious answer is to get the hell out of a major city, in advance of trouble!  Gut reactions to events and increasing warnings may give you time, while things still work.  Better yet, don't live in any major city!  Cities will be Hell...remember Katrina and New Orleans...and that was after large numbers had already evacuated!

Exercise, walk a lot...with gear...get a good mountain bike...hope it's not winter!