Monday, October 26, 2015

"The Solitary Man's Refuge" by Ron Foster

A great Prepper book, one of several by the same author. Gives some insight in selecting a refuge site & neighbor awareness! A group of like minded individuals is better than a loner in the middle of non-preppers!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Survival/Prepper Fiction....Kindle eBooks

I read almost exclusively on my Kindle app. Following are several survival/prepper fiction novels I've read in 2015, many of which were free from Amazon.  The scenarios involve everything from nuclear war, EMP attacks, Zombies, Alien invasion and in many instances...Global Pandemic!  The last I imagine will be the most difficult to survive. Enjoy!

Genesis Plague by Sam Best

Land by Theresa Shaver

Snow & Ash by Theresa Shaver

Total War bu Jerry Ahern

The Contact by Albert Sartison

Netcast Zero by R K Brown

The Last Fear by Jeremy Bates

Stone of Fire by J.E. Penn

Departure by A.G. Riddle

Omega Pathogen: Mayhem by J.G. Hicks Jr

The Last World War by Timothy Imkolt

The Purge of Babylon by Sam Sisavath

The Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle

Protocol One by Jacqueline Druga

Infected: The Fall by Caleb Cleek

Survivor: Blackout by Peter Anderson

The Survivor Chronicles: The Upheaval by Erica Stevens

Gray: A Disaster Novel by Lou Cadle

Ash by Jason Brant

Fog of War by Ethan Jones