Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chaos is Coming...Plan Ahead!

Chaos is coming....civil unrest, riots, massive protests caused by the election of 2016! In Portland, Oregon, massive protests have become a weekly occurrence.  Normal people have had enough & arrests are increasing! Stopping traffic, smashing widows, burning cars...this is not free speech, this is anarchy!

Of course the main location for this chaos are cities, mostly big Liberal cities!  You'll want to leave those, sooner than later.  Three days food supply, limited gasoline, ghettos, homeless, will all lead to dangerous conditions. Imagine an EMP, huge natural disaster, Martial Law, etc.  You'll be trapped in the chaos!

Make a plan to evacuate.  Get to some place in the country before violence erupts. Even a National Park or remote campground will be better than being in any large city.  Of course having a "retreat, bunker, or site of your own is more ideal.  Planning is the key...DO IT NOW!