Monday, July 2, 2012

What if You Have to Bug Out on Foot?

I don't drive, nor have a car.  I live in a 184 Sq Mile city, Portland, OR.  Public transportation, if it runs can take me 20 miles East.  My safe zone is on the East side of the Cascade Mountains at least 150 miles away!  If an EMP or huge natural disaster hits this area, infrastructure is destroyed, public transportation, even cars, may not work.  How do you Bug Out?

I walk everyday about 3-5 miles, without gear.  At any pace, it would take days to walk 150 miles!  In the covered wagon era, they averaged 28 miles per day...that's 6 days to evacuate Portland!  If you had a mountain bike and it wasn't winter, you could probably cut that in half...but it's mostly uphill.

The more obvious answer is to get the hell out of a major city, in advance of trouble!  Gut reactions to events and increasing warnings may give you time, while things still work.  Better yet, don't live in any major city!  Cities will be Hell...remember Katrina and New Orleans...and that was after large numbers had already evacuated!

Exercise, walk a lot...with gear...get a good mountain bike...hope it's not winter!


James Meyer said...

I like this article, but WSHTF, you should wait at least 10 - 30 days to start your voyage. This will allow for the zombies "unprepared" to die off.

The way you leave any major city is to have a copy of the sewer works found at any local library. Simply tell them you are doing a report on how updated the sewer systems are in you community. Or have a college aged person request the information for you.

If you stay underground until you get away from the city you will be less likely to be noticed, and there will be less people out there to notice you.

Tip: Also have toilet paper, kleenex, or wet wipes available to use as barter (they will be the new platinum, gold, and silver).

Anonymous said...

bug out on foot?

I work in small town near the andes. for security reason I wont mention it.

From work it will take me on foot to get home about a day, since I live on the outskirts of town.

To get to my cache on foot from home it will take me about a day and a half. with my scooter about 45 minutes, after that I have to hide my scooter because cant take it up the mountain. is two days hiking to my cache #2, where I have my means of personal defense. comparing my means to the means of those in the U.S.A. is nothing. you will probably smile trying to hide a laugh. but something is better than nothing. From here is three more days to reach my BOL. A small place ( in feet, about eight by ten )but is pack to the max and is tottaly inacessible to the unexperience hiker and hard to find to the experience. most of the supplies have taking me years to adquire. and probably last me about six to nine months, then i'll will have to come down. hopefully to a much better world.

Hope you understand that Im ommiting a lot I mean A LOT of details for security reasons.

I'm now single and planning to continue that way enjoying life to the fullest and different women about every three months.

Those of you who are married: please dont tell your wives of your "SPORTING" activities or tell them any of your secrets. Specially if you have any "toys". Dont even tell them who your friends are.

more in your next post. right now I have to go back to work.

Anonymous said...

By the way I been reading your posts since feb this yr. Im just afriad that my english is not that good to post comments. hopefully youl understand. My self and the group of fellow hikers like your blog.


Bentnwasted said...

Thanks for your input...I don't pretend to have the answers but do have many ideas which I'll share. Many have added some great suggestions & have have added some clarrification to my last two posts about I mean by SHTF....put simply, you won't be coming back!

johnson said...

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