Monday, June 18, 2012

Underground Living...A Home & A Bunker!

As a former Designer-Builder of Solar Homes & Structures, I always built above ground.  Looking forward, I can see many advantages in underground or Earth Sheltered designs, particularly as a #prepper.  For one to maintain safety for your family, you only need one structure....not two (home + bunker)!

Underground construction, back East in Upstate NY where I worked, cost a large percentage of constructions costs for water-proofing, due to snow and rain...and ground water.

Now remote land in the high desert or mountains, requires less waterproofing and more modern materials exist.

Depending on family size and how many you need to "shelter" will obviously determine your costs.  My current studio apartment is 12" 6" X 20' 6" (256 Sq Ft)  It has everything I need.  If built as a stand alone cabin in the woods, I'd add a loft for a bedroom, and a deck or porch.  Plenty big enough for one person.

Built as a cave home, or into a hillside, adding aluminum security shutters on exterior windows.  You have a secure area.  Easily under $100,000.


Cave Homes

$50 & Up Underground Homes!


Corbin Linder said...

Those kinds of homes are becoming popular today, primarily because of the many energy-efficient features they have, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Studies show that these kinds of homes can maintain a comfortable temperature for less than the average cost. At the same time, it delivers better soundproofing and provides better protection against hurricanes, tornadoes, and earthquakes.


Herb said...

I just want to ask if that house was built at the foot of a mountain, or if it’s just designed to look like it is a small hill. I’m interested in the design of the house. I hope you’ve posted more photos on the exterior and interior of the house. If you have any update, please direct me to that link. Thanks. :)

[ Herb Koguchi ]

Bentnwasted said...

Alas Herb that was merely an illustration, borrowed from an underground home site. I just thought it was cool looking, like a Hobbit Home!

Anonymous said...

Formworks Building designed this home. Visit their website at