Sunday, June 3, 2012

Learn to Use Hand Tools for Carpentry and Woodworking

I come from 3-4 generations of German carpenters and woodworkers.  I've build a boat, made furniture and designed and built energy efficient passive solar homes.  From the time I was a wee lad, working with my grandfather and uncle, I started out using hand tools to cut and shape wood.  Anything that can be done with modern power tools are just an extension of hand tools.

There is something tranquil about using hand tools's quiet, doesn't create huge clouds of dust or the need for noisy dust collectors.  You use your body & mind together in a way a power tool just doesn't.

One aspect I'll briefly mention as a #Prepper...if there is an EMP...power tools will not work!

For the price of a professional table saw, $1,000+, you can buy quite a few quality hand tools.  Taken care of, hand tools last for do power tools, as my grandfather's & uncle's tools still exist with my cousin!

Hand tools are also far less dangerous for a beginner to learn woodworking with....I'd recommend anyone, young or adult, first learn to use hand tools.  It is better to have quality than quantity.  Tools are one of those things, you get what you pay for.  If you don't have a relative to teach you, get a good book form Amazon or even the library.  Several great catalogs exist for quality hand tools as well as places like Ace Hardware, Sears, or Home Depot.  Some stores even offer woodworking classes...a good idea!

Here are some good catalog links for hand tools.

Traditional Woodworker

Garrett Wade


Stanley Tools


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