Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Forest Fire Survival

With record breaking Forest Fires in Colorado and New Mexico now burning, and people's retreats burned to the ground, Fire Survival is critical.  Your retreat has to survive as well as your family and critters!

Underground construction with concrete would seem ideal.  Above ground, build your cabin or retreat of materials that resist fire as much as possible...tile or metal roofs, concrete or stucco siding, & full log siding is relatively fire resistant.

Clear the area around your home for about 100 yards of flammable material (also creates clear field of fire). Keep grass and brush trimmed or choose plants that are fairly green most of the time (don't dry out).  Bury your propane tank if you have one, cover top with gravel, keep firewood away from your house (insect reason too).  Many states now require these items on all new construction...some states or counties require sprinkler systems on rural homes.

Building your cabin in the woods, surrounded by trees, with a wood shake roof are a thing of the past.  Are you #prepared for Fire Season?

Kudos to the brave men & women who help fight Wild Fires, risking their lives to protect people & property!  In 2006, my son and I took part in Wild Fire Training in Colorado Springs, CO.  It involved wearing a lead weighted 40 pound vest crammed with instruments, to measure vital signs, while walking 4 miles as fast as possible and climbing up an 18" step as many times as possible in 5 minutes! At age 57, I wasn't first, but I finished and wasn't last!  It was one of the most strenuous things I've ever done!

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