Thursday, March 1, 2012

Basic Survival on a Budget

Someone Tweeted me that they want to survive, but can't even afford a gun.  I've had "72 Hr Kits" in various sizes since Y2K (yes, that was real).  Where is my stuff?  In my apartment in a go bag and fanny packs.  What happens when I am away from home?  I'd suggest at minimum, always carry a pocket knife (maximum legal blade size) and a multi-tool on you belt or in your pocketbook at all times.  These don't take up space, usually come in black nylon sheaths and are obtrusive, even in a three piece suit guys!

I like black...most of my gear is black.  My fanny pack came from Walmart on clearance.   It contains:
  • sheath knife
  • fire starter
  • small mag lite
  • small first aid kit & KI pills
  • power bars
  • compass
  • cell phone pouch
  • alcohol wipes
  • polycarbonate sporks
  • extra glasses
  • emergency whistle/match case/compass
The entire "kit" probably cost less than $35.  In my large bag I have a change of clothes, emergency radio, candles, extra pocket & sheath knives, second flashlight, extra batteries, space blanket, water bottles, etc.  Don't forget to keep any chargers for cell phone, iTouch, shaver, etc. in you bag!  Also your computer files on flash drives is also an idea.

My third small bag is a nylon fishing tackle box that I set up for a first aid kit.  I have redundant first aid supplies, an extra 3 months supply of KI tablets, knives, more power bars, first aid booklet, another flashlight, etc.  You can buy an excellent prepackaged first aid kit (Johnson & Johnson) in a poly case for $10 at Walmart...fits in the bottom of my bag!  Don't forget prescription medicines...if possible buy 90 days supply each time.

All three bags sit on the bottom shelf of my Microwave cart near the front door, ready to go.  All three weigh less than 30 pounds and are easy to carry!  Buy items on sale, and a few at a time if on a tight budget.  My total for all three kits and supplies is less than $100, and no guns!

Hope this helps...start outfitting now!

*****Important Note:  My gear is for a single!

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