Thursday, March 22, 2012

Add "Survival" Apps to Your Mobile Device"

Have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad type mobile device?  There are many applications devoted to DISASTER Survival...most are FREE or cost under $2.
There are pure Survival apps like the "SAS Survival Manual", medical apps like "Red Cross First Aid" or "Web MD", edible plant apps, Emergency Radio Scanners, Nuclear and radiological apps, and "Disaster Survival".  Also many free government apps such as FEMA!  I found several new ones today and added them to my iTouch4...lots of information to digest and no internet connection needed!

Most or similar applications are also made for Android based phones or tablets.

Another mobile device which has many documents available for it, such as military manuals, government documents, and eBooks is the Amazon Kindle.

I loaded an Earthquake Alert app the day of the Mexican quake, have it set at 4.0 and 5,000 miles from my goes off several times per hour!

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