Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Alternative Weapons to Firearms

Initially it sounded like an exciting post...until I did the research.  The original premise was that not everyone owns or has access to firearms for survival scenarios.  Hunting, self-defense, etc may be difficult for city dwellers that aren't in a gang.  Then there is the waiting time, background check, the government knows where your guns are, details. But that's another story.

My first choice for alternative hunting and self defense was a crossbow or hunting bow & arrows!  Research shows that quality bows cost about the same as a firearm, arrows more than bullets!  Yes, you need to practice to be skilled, but you should do that with firearms also!

Next came bladed weapons such as knives, swords, spears, etc.  Yup, you need to practice to be skilled...in fact your life depends on it.  There are plenty of great web sites and probably several local sources in your area, for all the above.  I have added several, and will add, to my lists on my sidebar.  Lastly, while thought of as a kid's toy, a slingshot, such as a wrist rocket can be used for small game hunting...and yes that .38 ball bearing can put your eye out!

What's the point?  Non-firearms require no license to own or operate, legal hunting requires a proper license.  They are quiet and deadly...a fact that may matter in some survival situations.  Rather than being a substitute for firearms, I strongly suggest they are a valuable addition to firearms.  Don't forget extra strings, bands, ammo, arrows, tips, sharpeners, etc.  Also in addition to stocking ammo for firearms, reloading supplies are probably a great idea, as many "preppers" will agree.

Be safe and be prepared out there!

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