Friday, September 28, 2012

Solar Charger for When the Power is Gone!

This is my new solar charger plugged into my Kindle Fire...the included cord also fits my cell phone or can charge my iTouch4! After leaving the unit in the SUN a few hours, it charged my iTouch4 as fast as the AC charger.  The internal battery can also be charged while plugged into your computer.  It has a really bright LED flashlight also!  It's a great little rig for $25 + free shipping.  See the adjacent Amazon Ad.


Anonymous said...

Nice! Looks like you might be interested in the revelations of 'millennium mysterium magnum'. Good luck survivor

Seamus Otaner said...

So, a solar charger for your electronic device which is utterly useless without WiFi and an operating Internet... I'd spend my $25 on something else, but that's just me... I could be wrong.