Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alternatives to a Survival Retreat!

*Note of Clarification!  When I use the term SHTF, I am speaking of a civilization killing, global catastrophe like Nuclear War, Global Economic Collapse, Global Pandemic, etc.  I am talking about a Global Death Rate of 50%, up to 90% in Major cities...this is permanent  catastrophe!  I caution anyone not to kill innocent people, retain your moral compass, help others in need, & respect occupied private property!

Many people want to #Prep, but not everyone can afford remote land, an underground bunker, or a years supply of stored food!  You still want you and your family to survive, and your moral compass eliminates robbing, killing, or taking what you need from others.  What can you do?

I have a few ideas, because I am in that boat myself!  I don't believe enough time is left to save up and buy 100% of what I need.  I have ideas and a "Bug Out Bag"! 

1.  National Parks, National Forest, State Parks and State Forests.  These are "Public Lands", as citizens we own them....many are in wilderness, remote areas, BLM land, unlikely to be over-run by refugees from major cities (most of whom will unfortunately be dead).  There are most likely some in every state, but most obviously are in the Western US.  Find an area you can get to in a reasonable time, check it out in advance, get topo maps, etc.  You can even bury some supplies discreetly in advance!  Some areas contain caves, which make an impromptu Nuclear Fallout Shelter.

2. Commercial Buildings.  Banks, universities, science related companies. Oh my, your "trespassing"....folks, when SHTF for real no one is going to worry about that crap.  I'm talking you and your families survival. Banks have vaults, and heavy duty basements construction.  Most major universities have science and microbiology class rooms and laboratories. These are also built with better construction HVAC, security doors, deep basements, etc.  Throughout the country are companies that build all types of heavy duty equipment, computer clean rooms, scientific materials, etc.  In Texas there is a mothballed "Supper Collider" deep underground, with room for 100's!

3. Mines.  Throughout the United States are mines..coal mines, salt mines, gold mines...some active, some abandoned.  These need to be checkout in advance.  Actually buying abandoned mining claims can get cheap land and a mine (bunker).  Salt mines are historically very geologically stable.  There is one under Detroit!

I don't want to give-away-the-farm here, but by now I think you get the idea!  Most of these ideas and some of your own can be checked out in advance, which I recommend. Alternative routes, distance and time to arrive are important considerations.  While I am writing this, it brought to mind a great 1950's movie that is relevant..."Panic in the Year Zero"...its a good "what if" flic.

List of National Parks

List of Colleges & Universities

Mines in the USA

Salt Mines in the USA

Abandoned Texas Super-Collider

List of Summer Camps


Bob S. said...

Some other considerations are church and Scouting summer camp sites.

Many of the Scouting Summer camps have stores of supplies needed to house hundreds of youths and adults.
Most have outhouse style facilities and some store rifle and archery equipment on site in addition to canoes and row boats.

Bentnwasted said...

Especially a good idea if your a member or a scout leader! I've gone to those types of camps when young and your correct about the facilites!