Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Are You Prepared to "Liberate" Supplies from Abandoned Stores, Factories, & Railcars in Order to Survive?

*Note of Clarification!  When I use the term SHTF, I am speaking of a civilization killing, global catastrophe like Nuclear War, Global Economic Collapse, Global Pandemic, etc.  I am talking about a Global Death Rate of 50%, up to 90% in Major cities...this is permanent  catastrophe!  I caution anyone not to kill innocent people, retain your moral compass, help others in need, & respect occupied private property!

Like the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina....your supplies, home, & future maybe destroyed or in jeopardy! FEMA can't or won't help you due to ineptness or the scale of the destruction.  Earthquakes, endless draught, EMP attack, or war can create chaos as severe or worse than Katrina's floods.  What alternative do you have to survive than "Liberate", boost, loot & steal from destroyed stores, homes, or crashed trucks and rail cars?

Don't start screaming moral judgements, we're talking your survival or your families here.  I'm also not speaking of stealing, robbing or killing from other folks trying to survive!  I'm speaking of taking supplies from insured entities with no one guarding them, foods that will likely perish in a few days if left to rot!  I'm a pretty moral guy...I don't see this as stealing, but surviving! Each will be making their own decisions, but if a crashed truck full of bottle water and fresh fruit crashed in front of your staving family....survival instincts will override moral hesitation.  If you still feel guilty, leave an IOU!

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