Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Lawlessness After SHTF!

As in my previous definition of what I mean by "SHTF"....there maybe a world without laws or a moral compass!

I've spoken to ex-members of gangs like Bloods & Crips....they are stockpiling stuff too! Some have plans to liberate prisoners from jails & prisons! Mongols & Hell's Angels type gangs will be roaming & pillaging the countryside! Inner city hoodlums unrestrained by limited or missing police will also be looting & worse!

Many states have Militias...with well armed membership...they too maybe roaming the countryside! And least we forget the Government may impound all food supplies & weapons under Martial Law!

All these folks will be out hunting for "your stuff"! Have your retreat or bunker as low profile as possible! Camaflauge or looking abandoned is good! Don't a have a huge splashy home with a dozens of windows & lights...this screams "Rob me!" Don't have yard lights or bon fires, loudspeakers, etc!

Just as SHTF will kill off 50% of good folks it will get an equal amount of "dirtbag scum"!


Bob S. said...

One of the things I've been trying to wrap my mind around is the need for a group. One person, even one family, can not go it alone. Especially when there will be gangs.

I think having a core group of people that will meet at one spot is essential. Then having the people around that area willing to work together will be the deciding factor.

Bentnwasted said...
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Bentnwasted said...

Well, If I knew people who I trust or had family nearby, I'd consider a group, but I'm alone, 1000's of miles from them and they don't believe this prepper stuff!

Many of the novels and films I've mentioned in my sidebar depict survival in a group/fortified setting.

Bob S. said...


Consider looking around for a forum or website dedicated to forming such groups.


This is just one that I'm familiar with in my area. While I'm fairly secure in my area, who will be joining me, etc -- I'm also reaching out to a wider base of prepared people.

There are many folks who would welcome a single prepper into their group. I know I would after getting to know him/her.