Sunday, May 6, 2012

Learn Tracking...a Hobby & Prepping!

Here is an idea that is both a great hobby, especially to get kids involved, and a good #prepping skill:  Tracking!  Learning the various animal tracks, see which way they went, and most exciting for kids...see the animal that made the tracks!

Many State Departments of Natural Resources have pamphlets on tracking to get started.  The Public Library and your local bookstore or Amazon (an affiliate of Total Survivor Dad) have books on tracking.

Go to a park, or nearby Nature Center to practice and introduce children to the outdoors.  It teaches kids to be quiet in the woods in order to see wild life and patience.  A nature center is not a playground, so keep screaming, running, & horseplay to a won't see any wild life & it is really annoying to others!

The National WildLife Federations has the children's outdoor magazine "Ranger Rick", that is highly recommended to acquaint youngsters with critters. it will tell a story of a particular animal, their tracks and how the animal lives.

Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts are also great organizations that have Merit Badges in Tracking.

Have fun learning tracking, teaching your kids about the outdoors and leaning a great #prepper skill!  It's #prepping because you may have to hunt to eat and tracking is an important aspect of hunting!

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