Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let There Be Light!

Whether camping, prepping, or hiking, a good flashlight is a necessity.  I have several....a small Mag-Light on my fanny pack, and angled one with changeable colored lenses and a few other backups.  They all use "AA" batteries, of which I have extra, that I rotate the shelf life of.

So far I have resisted one of those "Kinetic" shaking flashlights...they just seem too noisy to me. but will probably get one anyway.  I'm pretty sure LED is a good idea, all mine have krypton bulbs (yeah I have extras).

They make Solar Powered flashlights and other solar lighting.  These would be excellent for your retreat or backup. My emergency radio has "AA" batteries, a crank charger & solar.  For $79, you can get one with a USB port to charge your electronics!  (Need a larger Solar Panel for that too).

Not sure if you need to protect flashlights or solar powered items from EMP...sounds logical to do so...but that's another subject.

I forgot about "Lightsticks"...I'd just get white, about 99 cents each.  Get at least a dozen!

When the SHTF, you do not want to be left in the dark!

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