Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Garage Floor Storm Shelters ....As Seen on FOX & CNN

Moore, Oklahoma featured on CNN & FOX News...the in-ground garage storm shelter that saved lives!  Several manufactures build and install them. $5000 is a small price to pay for safety!  Almost irresponsible not to have one! Should be mandated in all new construction in Tornado alley!

TSW Storm Shelters here

Several other manufactures of these easy to install and retrofit Storm shelters!

Flatt Safe (Video)  here

National Storm Shelters here

Storm Safe Tornado Shelters (Videos)  here


Bob S. said...

Good idea, yes. Should be mandated, absolutely NOT.

Let's keep government small and out of people's business, eh.

Now if the government wants to provide a tax incentive for people to install them...I'm all for that.

There is a huge difference in requiring something and shrinking the amount of money available to the government while encouraging safety.

Michael Smith said...

We did have an issue with the first application not drying correctly but as soon as I notified Don, he came out the next day to re-grind the floor and apply another coat of epoxy (this was during the Christmas break too). polished concrete floor