Monday, March 4, 2013

Tornado and severe Thunderstorm season has arrived in the deep South and Midwest. Having lived in Ohio & Southern Michigan these storms are no fun. As a kid in Ohio, I spent a lot of time in my parents basement during Tornado warnings!

During a bus trip through rural Nebraska once, I noticed many a rural home with a storm shelter door out in the yard. It seemed prudent....everyone has seen the movie "Twister" right?

Yet storm after storm, in the TV news, with vast swaths of devastation and destruction, few folks seem to have had a storm shelter.  I "Googled" the subject...example at end of post...for around $3500, you can save your family!  Seems like basic insurance, particularly if you live in a trailer (tornado magnet). Most folks have $30,000 4WD pickup, quad runners and a bass boat...seems they can afford one.

Even build one yourself...readily available plans...use it as a root cellar too!

Like survival supplies, food storage, a generator & Bug Out Kits...a storm shelter in tornado country is Insurance...and common sense!


DIY Storm Shelter Plans (Example)

Survive A Storm Bunkers

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