Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Folly of Not Prepping...Hurricane Sandy!

Days before Hurricane Sandy struck the NE coast of the USA The Weather Channel and major News Stations were calling for citizens to fill their cars with gas, stock foods, medicines, and emergency supplies!  FEMA claimed emergency supplies were prepositioned in advance (?)... and yet 5 days after the storm, chaos reigns in many areas.  Folks are hungry, cold and angry with government!

Wait...what happened to personal responsibility? Why on earth after Katrina, would anyone think the government or FEMA would save them?

Since 9/11, The Red Cross, FEMA, and Homeland Security have had on their web sites what you need as a "72 Hour Kit"...dozens of places sell them online!  There really is no excuse for not having a "Kit".  It's Survival Insurance, just like life, car, and home owner Insurance!

This is not the first disaster in that will not be the last.  I can't think of any excuse for not being prepared....none at all!

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Bob S. said...

I used the aftermath of Sandy as a discussion point for my wife and kids.

First question I asked, of myself then others, "Am I out of line for preparing for an emergency?"
The answer was no.

Then I asked did they understand why I was preparing? I've been blessed with an understanding family. They look at the issues up north and see we want to avoid them. It isn't pessimism, but optimism --the hope for a better future - that makes me want to prep.

Given the information out there, given the media coverage of all sorts of disasters; I can't think of an excuse for at least not having 72 hours of preps.