Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Days Until The Mayan End Date....Where is the Chaos?

The countdown clock says 10 Days and counting until 12-21-12.  Where is the chaos & panic, I and many others expected?  WWIII could be unleashed at anytime in Syria, 7.0+ Earthquakes are happening, storms, & unusual weather. Yet, no one seems to connect the dots!

There was much more unrest about Y2K!  Three or four days before, you couldn't find batteries or flashlights in Detroit!  I hesitated to prep until then, alas, had to drive to multiple stores to get basic stuff!

Less than two weeks...I have not came across any stories about "panic" buying, etc.  Of course no one prepared for Sandy either and look what happened.  I guess 98% of folks are optimists and non-believers in the need to prep.  I guess FEMA will save them like they did after Katrina and Sandy.  Uh huh.

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