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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Chaos is Coming...Plan Ahead!

Chaos is coming....civil unrest, riots, massive protests caused by the election of 2016! In Portland, Oregon, massive protests have become a weekly occurrence.  Normal people have had enough & arrests are increasing! Stopping traffic, smashing widows, burning cars...this is not free speech, this is anarchy!

Of course the main location for this chaos are cities, mostly big Liberal cities!  You'll want to leave those, sooner than later.  Three days food supply, limited gasoline, ghettos, homeless, will all lead to dangerous conditions. Imagine an EMP, huge natural disaster, Martial Law, etc.  You'll be trapped in the chaos!

Make a plan to evacuate.  Get to some place in the country before violence erupts. Even a National Park or remote campground will be better than being in any large city.  Of course having a "retreat, bunker, or site of your own is more ideal.  Planning is the key...DO IT NOW!

Monday, October 26, 2015

"The Solitary Man's Refuge" by Ron Foster

A great Prepper book, one of several by the same author. Gives some insight in selecting a refuge site & neighbor awareness! A group of like minded individuals is better than a loner in the middle of non-preppers!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Survival/Prepper Fiction....Kindle eBooks

I read almost exclusively on my Kindle app. Following are several survival/prepper fiction novels I've read in 2015, many of which were free from Amazon.  The scenarios involve everything from nuclear war, EMP attacks, Zombies, Alien invasion and in many instances...Global Pandemic!  The last I imagine will be the most difficult to survive. Enjoy!

Genesis Plague by Sam Best

Land by Theresa Shaver

Snow & Ash by Theresa Shaver

Total War bu Jerry Ahern

The Contact by Albert Sartison

Netcast Zero by R K Brown

The Last Fear by Jeremy Bates

Stone of Fire by J.E. Penn

Departure by A.G. Riddle

Omega Pathogen: Mayhem by J.G. Hicks Jr

The Last World War by Timothy Imkolt

The Purge of Babylon by Sam Sisavath

The Atlantis Plague by A.G. Riddle

Protocol One by Jacqueline Druga

Infected: The Fall by Caleb Cleek

Survivor: Blackout by Peter Anderson

The Survivor Chronicles: The Upheaval by Erica Stevens

Gray: A Disaster Novel by Lou Cadle

Ash by Jason Brant

Fog of War by Ethan Jones

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Trapped in a Blizzard Like Buffalo, NY?

First things first...clear all the snow off your vehicle...don't be this guy & drive. All that snow blows off eventually and may cause an accident!

Cary an Emergency car kit at all times of year.

Emergency Essentials/BePrepared

Blanket, flashlight, energy bars, water, jumper cables, road flares, & extra warm clothing! 

I went through Buffalo during one of these "Lake Effect Snows".  From Canada to Amherst, NY it was about 3" deep...then it became depth of feet!  Interstate unploughed, snow banks over the tops of Stop Signs!  It took my son and I two hours to go 20 miles, until snow depth was back to a few inches! It was unbelievable! I had a Nissan Frontier 2WD pickup! Great little truck...LOL

Be prepared, extreme weather can kill you!

Thursday, August 7, 2014


Thanks to my Affiliate "Emergency Essentials" for article!

JULY 9, 2012 1 COMMENT(S)

Summer hurricane season is here, and as long as a storm isn’t right on your doorstep, there’s still time to prepare. These five installments about hurricane preparedness will remind you of ways to stay safe and secure before, during, and after one of these destructive storms.
Part One: Advance Planning and Preparation
As early as possible, plan potential evacuation routes and destinations in case you must leave home. Find out about your area’s preferred evacuation routes, but also scope out some back-road shortcuts that might help you blend into the stream of traffic more quickly. (Realize that during evacuations, most local freeway lanes may be dedicated to one-way, out-bound traffic.)
Have an idea (or two) of potential destinations. Find out where designated shelters are planned—schools, churches, etc.—and also obtain the phone numbers and locations of hotels and motels along the way, but recognize that they will fill up fast and may not be able to honor reservations.
Are you lucky enough to have hospitable family or friends far enough inland to be out of danger’s way? Shamelessly beg to stay with them for the duration of the storm. Once they make landfall most Atlantic hurricanes begin to tend toward the north and eventually back toward the east. If you can head west and south you should be in relatively safe territory, although the rain bands can extend outward for many miles. The strongest and most dangerous part of the storm is to the north and east of the calm eye as it comes ashore.
Utilities and Weather Tracking
Teach responsible family members how to turn off utilities and tune into NOAA Weather Radio for up-to-the-minute storm tracking and instructions. You do have a battery-powered radio that receives the NOAA band, don’t you? If not, get one! The NOAA broadcasts are found in the VHF public service bands at seven frequencies between 162.4 and 162.550.
From my own experience: DO NOT wait until a storm is announced to shop for these things, as store shelves will empty unbelievably fast; all that may be left to buy are pickled onions and hair-coloring! Stores usually have only about three days’ worth of supplies at the best of times, and when a hurricane threatens is definitely not the best of times.
Minimize the use of alcohol, soft drinks, and extremely salty items, since they make you thirstier and you’ll go through your water storage faster. Instead, encourage the family to drink water and juice.>
Decide ahead of time on a family communication plan—designate a place to meet if you get separated, and choose someone to be your contact person for everyone to call to report in. An out-of-town contact is best to act as a sort of clearing-house for your calls, for two reasons: they won’t be as impacted by the storm as you are, and if phone lines and cell service is overloaded or fails, long-distance lines are restored more quickly than local ones. Be sure all family members have the phone number of that person—memorized as well as written down.
Teach family members who are old enough to call 911 if needed. Discuss some situations when they might need to call 911 (if someone is severely injured or unconscious, for example).
If you live in an area that is prone to hurricanes, taking these steps can help create some sense of order amid the chaos if a storm ever hit your home or community. Preparing an evacuation, communication, and weather tracking plan now will give your family the mental preparedness they need, and gathering food and other emergency supplies will provide for their physical needs in a time of crisis.

More Posts in this Mini-Series:

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Things to Survive this Week!

1. Radical weather
2. Wildfires
3. Draught
4. Random acts of violence
5. The unexpected: water shortage, food shortage, electrical outage, etc.  When Portland, OR had a "boil Water" alert last Friday morning...stores were sold out of bottled water in a few hours!  Others resorted to "Profiteering", charging $10 for a $3 case of water!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Gas Mask Alert!

Current news make you aware you may need a Gas Mask?  BudK has them, Order Now!

Gas Mask up, nothing guarantees absolute safety, but having one is better than nothing!  Get informed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Heat Wave Alert!

Dangerous Heat wave in USA for next 7 days!  High humidity and temperatures in the high 90F to 105+F range.

Serious for Seniors & Infants...Please
go to a Cooling Center!

Drink plenty of water & avoid strenuouse outdoor activity!

Follow local advisements on TV and Radio.

Don't leave pets of infants in a locked car....EVER!

If you feel dizzy, have cramps, pass out, or have 911!

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Potential Underground Bunker Issues!

I've seen most of the TV show episodes of "Doomsday Bunkers". Prepping is a great idea...I do it myself.  There are a few "Details", however, that shows like this fail to address.  One episode concentrated on the shelter door standing up to vandalism, neighbors, etc. attempting entry! Probably will keep them out...until they cover your air intake or use smoke or tear gas on same, to flush you out!

Can't remember any episode that featured an "Escape Tunnel"!  For my peace of mind this needs to go 50 to 100 yards away from the shelter and come up in a screened area! Various scenarios make this critical: Fire, fallen trees, debris block main door, above Vandals, etc. Several shelter builders listed on the sidebar feature escape tunnels in the larger, high-end units.

Building or buying a Bunker, some things to consider! Comments welcome!

Garage Floor Storm Shelters ....As Seen on FOX & CNN

Moore, Oklahoma featured on CNN & FOX News...the in-ground garage storm shelter that saved lives!  Several manufactures build and install them. $5000 is a small price to pay for safety!  Almost irresponsible not to have one! Should be mandated in all new construction in Tornado alley!

TSW Storm Shelters here

Several other manufactures of these easy to install and retrofit Storm shelters!

Flatt Safe (Video)  here

National Storm Shelters here

Storm Safe Tornado Shelters (Videos)  here

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tornado and severe Thunderstorm season has arrived in the deep South and Midwest. Having lived in Ohio & Southern Michigan these storms are no fun. As a kid in Ohio, I spent a lot of time in my parents basement during Tornado warnings!

During a bus trip through rural Nebraska once, I noticed many a rural home with a storm shelter door out in the yard. It seemed prudent....everyone has seen the movie "Twister" right?

Yet storm after storm, in the TV news, with vast swaths of devastation and destruction, few folks seem to have had a storm shelter.  I "Googled" the subject...example at end of post...for around $3500, you can save your family!  Seems like basic insurance, particularly if you live in a trailer (tornado magnet). Most folks have $30,000 4WD pickup, quad runners and a bass boat...seems they can afford one.

Even build one yourself...readily available plans...use it as a root cellar too!

Like survival supplies, food storage, a generator & Bug Out Kits...a storm shelter in tornado country is Insurance...and common sense!


DIY Storm Shelter Plans (Example)

Survive A Storm Bunkers

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Surviving Winter's Fury!

Surviving a winter storm's fury can be a challenge, whether in an automobile, at home, camping, or trapped at work (Yikes!).

Back in Michigan I was without power 3-4 days in late winter due to ice storms in an all electric sucked.  No heat, no cooking, no light or refrigeration.  Then the Great Blackout of 2004...same Condo without power for a week! In my opinion, one of the top priorities is alternate sources of heat and cooking! Thankfully for me, I had my supplies & camp stove from Y2K!

As in the previous posts, all those supplies suggested for your families needs in preparation for a Hurricane, war, civil unrest,  or a Zombie Apocalypse will help you survive a severe winter storm! really need those alternative heat/cooking sources!  

Traveling by automobile can be dangerous in a winter advice don't do it.  Even 4WD cars or trucks can get suck, particularly when driven by the untested.  You need an emergency kit for the car...flares, jumper cables, fix-a-flat, starter spray, flashlights & batteries, etc.  Stock water, energy bars, blankets, multi-tool, matches, etc. 365 days per year!

Everyone should try winter camping...if only for a weekend.  It's fun...really! Use a 3-4 season tent, -15 degree sleeping bag, dress for the weather in layers.  I did this to try out my -20 degree bag one winter at 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountain.  It was snow free & dry 10F, moon was out with a pack of Coyotes howling...great fun!  

Pets...I don't have them, but you'll want to save them too...leash, food, etc. Also supplies and food for farm critters too!

Monday, December 10, 2012

10 Days Until The Mayan End Date....Where is the Chaos?

The countdown clock says 10 Days and counting until 12-21-12.  Where is the chaos & panic, I and many others expected?  WWIII could be unleashed at anytime in Syria, 7.0+ Earthquakes are happening, storms, & unusual weather. Yet, no one seems to connect the dots!

There was much more unrest about Y2K!  Three or four days before, you couldn't find batteries or flashlights in Detroit!  I hesitated to prep until then, alas, had to drive to multiple stores to get basic stuff!

Less than two weeks...I have not came across any stories about "panic" buying, etc.  Of course no one prepared for Sandy either and look what happened.  I guess 98% of folks are optimists and non-believers in the need to prep.  I guess FEMA will save them like they did after Katrina and Sandy.  Uh huh.